2016 Artist Statement 

Alaina Plowdrey explores the duality in the creation of life and source. Using the female gender in figurative representation and the male implied in nature, Plowdrey fuels the matter of “origin”; complementing it with the element of water in a minimal atmosphere. Always profoundly influenced and attracted to the depictions of Venus throughout art history, Plowdrey is interested in the metaphysical existence of the human spirit vs. humanly needs and innate historical attraction to the Venus. ‘She’ as the origin and timeless mother of elegant procreation. Creating compositions that include organic abstraction and some identity shielding, the viewer is invited to explore and complete on their own accord. The concept of “Origin” is in essence an interweaving “dreamlike” journey from a perceived beginning.   

2014-early 2015 Artist Statement

Plowdrey's work currently explores the attraction to artistic creation that rests amidst the interim plane within the unreal & representational. She is interested existential dualismwithin the conscious and unconscious. She creates work that generates from the believable unreal which in turn contributes to an observer’s peripheral sensation of experiencing a painting. Plowdrey harvests sensations which evoke steady pleasure yet also hold an uncertain comfortable dismay. For her, representing a photograph or lifescape in its full actuality creates boredom and expectation. Conceptually drawing from Carl Jung’s theory of Individualization, in which we all see as one as well as individually, Plowdrey has slowly let go of a fully controlled notion to give breath into a realm of automatist projection within a realist application.

Alaina Plowdrey states, "I want my work to perform as a psychological opera pulling upon the percussion of the ocean’s orchestra."

     Alaina Plowdrey, a Michigan native, received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art (2011), BFA from the College for Creative Studies (2009) and AFA from Delta College (2006). After attaining her master’s degree she taught in NYC and then as an adjunct professor in numerous colleges throughout Michigan. She is the Director of a Saint Leo University Education Center, keeps an active studio and teaches when able. She is currently in the process of earning her Ph.D from the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.